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Experience winter in the Finnish archipelago

Welcome to winter in the archipelago. The archipelago winter is diverse: snow filled, grey and peaceful, cosy and warm. Experience winter outdoors in the nature or indoors by the fire place with the company of good food and unique accommodation. Enjoy the silence and look at the stars - there are no street lights to bother you. Work remotely, change environment, walk in the nature and relax with sauna. Enjoy a weekend far away from city life and return home refreshed and recharged.

On this page we have collected our best tips for a successful winter stay in Turku archipelago, i.e. Pargas and Kimitoön. Here you will be able to find information about autumn routes, events and group packages. Read our tips and experience winter in the archipelago!

Remember to travel responsibly: stay at home if you have flu symptoms, wash your hands often and keep distance from others. If you are using public transportation, make sure you are familiar with the recommendations on the use of face masks. Thank you!

See and do in Kimitoön

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Archipelago winter - A travellers' paradise

Utö and outer archipelago

Paths and trails in Pargas

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Winter bathing in Labbnäs

Archipelago events

Paths and trails in Kimitoön


23.1. My year 2021 yoga day - Yoga Archipelago, Nagu at 10-17



Have a look at all Pargas' events here!


Route alternatives

The Archipelago Trail

The archipelago is open every day of the year. You can visit the archipelago throughout the year.

During the summer months it is possible to travel the Archipelago Trail as a whole, between May 14th and August 29th 2021. M/S Antonia operates between Houtskär (Mossala) and Iniö (Dalen) daily during summer time. This is the only ferry that costs on the Archipelago Trail.

All other ferries operate throughout the year.


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The Small Archipelago Trail

The ferry M/S Östern operates the route Nagu-Själö-Hanka (Rymättylä) and is the onyl ferry that costs on the Small Archipelago Trail. The ferry operates daily during summer time, 14.5-29.8.2021. Read more about the ferry's timetable and fees here: www.ostern.fi

All other ferries operate throughout the year.

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Outer archipelago

You can travel from Turku to Pärnäs in Nagu by bus, car or bike. There is a parking lot in the harbour where you can leave your car and take the free ferry Baldur to the outer archipelago. You can travel all the way to Utö or make a stop on some of the islands, for example Jurmo, Aspö or Nötö. Here you find the timetable.

Some days it is possible to make a return trip the same day, but other days require an overnight stay on some of the island before returning home the next day.

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The Harvest Festival

September is a warm and beautiful month. This is a good time to visit the archipelago and to get in touch with local produce. The Harvest Festival takes place during the third weekend in Semtember. The traditional Harvest Market is arranged on Sat 19.9 and Open Farms on Sun 20.9. The Archipelago Trail and The Small Archipelago Trail are also open during this weekend.

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Travel by bus

There are many daily connections between Turku and Pargas and further out into the archipelago.

You can find timetables on Matkahuolto's website.

The archipelago bus, 901-904, operates Turku – Pargas – Nagu – Korpo – Houtskär. Frequent daily departures. Timetables change seasonally and are found in Swedish or Finnish here.

Local bus 801 operates between Turku and Pargas. The buses are yellow. Timetables in Swedish and Finnish here.

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Nature paths and trails

The archipelago is filled with several nature paths and trails. Experience the beautiful views, the archipelago's diverse nature and all the different landscapes.


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Outdoor Active

On the Outdoor Active page you'll find all information you need when you're planning an active vacation!

The great nature trails of the Kimitoön islands

Forests, lakes and seashores, red wooden cottages, sheep and manors. Experience the fantastic landscapes of the Kimito Islands, watch the birds and animals, and learn about the culture of the area.

The Kimito Islands offer plenty of short hiking trails which show the best of the areas forests and sea shores.


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Coastal Route bicycling

The Coastal Route bicycle route combines beautiful islands in the Archipelago Sea with four historical ironworks villages, picturesque small seaside towns and three national parks. The free ferries make the route accessible throughout the year, only the Kasnäs-Bengtskär-Hanko cruiseship part needs to be left out from autumn to spring.

Learn more about the route on www.CoastalRoute.fi !

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Day trip by bike to the islands of Rosala and Hitis

Jump on your bike and island hop out to the archipelago islands of Hitis and Rosala. On board the ferry, the sea winds will whisper ancient archipelago stories in your ear. On the journey, you will pass by the ancient trading sites leading to the archipelago village of Hitis. To the area you get by bus to Dalsbruk, car or why not bicycling.

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A cultural bike ride around lake Dragsfjärden

The route offers a a bike tour through three beautiful and interesting cultural environments: experience the coastline attraction of an old Dalsbruk iron work village, Söderlångvik's stately manor house environment with its gardens and orchards and the little village next to Dragsfjärd's church on the narrow isthmus between the sea and the lake. You get to the area by bus to Dalsbruk, car or why not bicycling.


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Västanfjärd - The history of sailing vessels and limestone mines by bicycle

The history of limestone mines in Västanfjärd is several hundred years old and is strongly linked to shipping and shipbuilding. Cycle on and let yourself be swept along by the historical winds.



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